Hi there, I‘m Kelly.

After starting my career on Germany's best-known and most successful TV crime drama I continued my path in the New Zealand Film and TV industry. Chasing bigger challenges I packed my bags and moved to London. From the first day on, my life is film and production; there is no place I would rather be than on set.

Script Supervisor is not just a title, it is my job: I supervise your script from start to finish. If you like what you see on my CV, do not hesitate to contact me.
001 - About me
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I have travelled extensively throughout the world and feel at home in many cultures and global situations. I hold both European and American citizenship as well as indefinite permanent residency in New Zealand.
This allows me to be a flexible and dependable team player – a valuable asset to any international or domestic production.

Notable Skills / Experience:
  • - Fluent in both verbal and writing English and German
  • - Work experience in Germany, Namibia, Nepal, the Canary Islands, New Zealand, Belgium and the United Kingdom
  • - Filming experience at sea on different sized vessels and ports
  • - Drone Logging
  • - Experience with Sony, Alexa, RED, Canon, 35mm, 16mm and other formats
  • - Single and multi-camera shoots using up to 12 cameras
  • - Working with Indie-Cameras / Lipstick Cameras
  • - 3D Technology
  • - SFX and VFX (green-screen, blue suits, split screen)
  • - Motion Capture
  • - Winplus Autocue Operator

  • I'd love to be the script supervisor for your next project and I am always approachable for second unit and assistant script supervisor work, too.
002 - Projects
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Selection of Projects I've been working on:

003 - Feedback
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"Kelly's script supervision helped keep the whole film securely transit from one take to the next in the edit meaning a very cheerful editor. Kelly has an in depth level of detail found only on the highest platform."
Marcus J. Richardson, Writer/Director "The Date Part 1"
"Kelly is my number one."
Jo Beckett, Script Supervisor
"Kelly's script timing was spot on!"
Henry Tomlinson, Producer/Director "Plastic Gangsters"
"Continuity you can count on"
Zak Klein, Writer/Director "The Followed"
"Kelly is exactly the kind of person you want on a film set. She's a dedicated and passionate film maker with an unshakably positive attitude. She's a quick thinker, fit, fast and strong. There is nothing she can't handle."
Joe Lonie, Writer/Director "Honk If You're Horny"
"Kelly was a wonderful addition to our cast and still my no. 1 choice for a script supervisor. She demonstrated a keen, pro-active approach and her attention to detail was second to none. I haven't spotted any continuity issues with our footage whatsoever."
Zak Klein, Writer/Director "The Followed"
004 - Me at Work
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Pictures of me on film sets:
005 - Contact
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Via E-Mail and Mobile Phone - Find details Top of Page in my CV.
006 - Companies
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Companies I've worked for:

Warner Brothers Lionsgate Working Title Turner BBC ZDF Sympoz / Craftsy Making Movies Great Southern Woodfilms Moi Jaime la television Walt Disney Pictures Universal Pictures Marvel Studios
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